A natural remedy to falling pregnant

Is falling pregnant as easy as hopping into bed and getting sexy with your partner? Well, for many women it is that easy. Most often, women don’t have to try that hard and whoops, they’re pregnant.
But for some though, it’s not that simple. They need a little bit of help, making love at just the right time, to aid conception. And the older you are, the more attention you’ll probably have to pay to falling pregnant.

While phoning your partner and demanding that he rush home immediately from his incredibly important business meeting, because you’re ovulating isn’t entirely necessary, there are some steps that can be taken to make falling pregnant a little easier.


Firstly, don’t stress! Your body needs to be in a healthy and happy condition to make falling pregnant optimal.


Visit your doctor

Make an appointment with your doctor. He’ll make sure that you’re healthy and there’s nothing medically, that could make conception difficult. The doctor will also probably advise you to take folic acid; a vitamin that’s very important for your baby’s development.


Know when you ovulate

You’ll also need to get to know your body and find out exactly when you ovulate. It’s pretty simple, as long as you know how.

Experts say you only really have a week, in which to fall pregnant. Most women ovulate between the 11th and 14th day after their menstrual cycle has begun. Once you’ve established the exact day, the trick is to start making love at least two or three days before you ovulate and stop a day or two after you’ve ovulated.

The egg only survives for 12 to 24 hours after it has been released. If you’ve made love a few days before you’ve ovulated, there’s a good chance you’ll fall pregnant, as sperm can remain in your body for up to five days.


Home ovulation test kit

But what if you don’t have a regular cycle? Well, that makes conceiving a little bit more challenging, but in no way impossible.

Go to your local pharmacy and buy yourself a home ovulation test kit. It’s exactly the same as a home pregnancy test, and will give you a good idea of when you”re ovulating. Just urinate on the stick and if two lines appear, you’re ovulating.


Take your temperature

You can also time your conception, by doing a basal body temperature (BBT) reading. Visit that pharmacy again, and buy yourself a BBT thermometer. Your vaginal reading should be done every morning, just after you’ve woken up and before you’ve moved around a lot, spoken or eaten.
Your temperature should normally be approximately 37 Degrees C. Just after the egg has been released, your BBT will increase by around 0,2?C. This isn’t the best method, as you’ll only notice the temperature increase once ovulation has begun and the optimal time for conceiving is the day before ovulation.


Cervical mucus

The third way of improving your chances of having a baby is to watch the changes in your cervical mucus. It’s usually fairly thick but once ovulation has begun, the mucus becomes clearer. Once you’ve done the deed, you’ll no doubt be anxious about whether or not you’ve been successful. Remember though that you’ll only be able to tell whether you’re pregnant about two weeks after you’ve conceived. And if your monthly visitor appears, don’t be too disappointed, the fun of falling pregnant, is in the trying, isn’t it?

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