Kinesiology can help your child


Children and animals can be treated using Kinesiology, EFT, Quantum Touch and crystal healing.

Kinesiology is a wonderful alternative health technique for animals, children and babies. Many alternative health techniques place a great deal of emphasis in taking a case history and then analysing this to arrive at a conclusion for treatment. With babies and young children this can be a challenge for any practitioner. This is where kinesiology has a major role to play.

So kinesiology is an information gathering technique. I work to raise the base level of energy in the body and there are a variety of correction techniques divided into four categories: structural, nutritional, emotional and energetic. These techniques are simple and non-invasive.

How do you test a baby or animal? Obviously, with animals, babies and small children testing can prove a challenge. In this instance I use a surrogate (usually the parent or owner), someone to stand in the place of the baby/child/animal being tested. The surrogate is linked to the baby/child/animal so I can gather information about the baby/child/animal by testing the surrogate. In practice this is very easy and results generated this way are as good as testing the baby/child themselves.

I use kinesiology, quantum touch, EFT and crystal healing to work with babies and children all the time. They usually thrive under this type of care. I have helped babies with a whole range of assorted childhood ailments from colic and sleepless infants to skin conditions, emotional upsets and childhood diseases.

Children and babies are naturally healthy, joyful, energetic and full of life. This is their natural state, and healthy infants are a joy to behold (ask any mother). If your child is not in this state there is a reason – please, for their sake, find out why. Babies only cry when they are distressed or upset – please find out the cause.

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