How to choose the right pram for your baby

Choosing the right pram for baby

Most of the people easily get attracted to the baby prams that have a catchy look. Though there is nothing wrong with that, you need to keep in mind, the most important reason for buying a baby pram or stroller is because of your child’s safety. So along with the catchy look, you need to check on certain parameters so that maximum safety is guaranteed.


The harness is the most important feature of the baby prams. Before buying, decide on the type of harness that suits your need. If you want to jog along with the baby or most of the road is rough, then it is better to go for 5-point adjustable safety harness otherwise 3-point is enough.


Again, if you are jogging type of person, then it is better to choose baby prams with large air-filled tires for the smooth ride over the bumpy surfaces.


Look for the baby prams with adjustable handle. This comes handy especially if you are tall or if someone who is tall is going to handle the pram or stroller. Generally most strollers are designed for average height person.


The size of the stroller matters a lot sometimes. Usually the baby prams will be of wider wheel base to give stability. However, it can also mean that the pram is limited to fit through the check-out at the local shopping mall or at the crowded market. Also make sure that the pram can fit nicely into your car when folded. Because you don’t want to buy a new car to fit the pram.


Make sure it has a reasonable area of shade and also a view window so that you can check on the baby from behind while moving.


Some accessory might come handy like, net insect protection cover, nappy bags, drink holder and so on. Though you need not look for the Swiss-army baby prams as accessories can be bought separately later.


The frame of the strollers can be made of aluminum, steel, plastic or any combination. So choose the one that is suitable for you. If you are looking for the more stable and durability then go for steel or aluminum. If you are looking for the light-weight baby pram, then probably you have to go for plastic or any other light material.


Also look for the weight of the pram while choosing the material if there are frequent lifting and fitting it into the back of the car or carrying it up-stairs.


Pram should have a sun protection cover or reversible handle so that the exposure of baby’s sensitive skin and eyes can be avoided.


Cost can be another thing that you need to consider. Are you looking for all-in-one baby pram or is it enough to have a little cheaper baby prams with all the basic features included.

Double Check

After you select the baby pram, it’s time to roll your eyes all over. Make sure it has a proper brake mechanism and lock mechanism for folding and unfolding the pram. Cross check by pressing the seat of the pram when it is unfolded. Also make sure there is no damage in the frame which would hurt the baby.

Take a ride

Finally, try before buy. Take the baby pram around with baby in it(if you have one already) or with some weight in it and check if it is comfortable and the baby too is enjoying the ride.

Babylite suggestions for prams:

Budget – Maclaren Quest Sport : Fold down small, is light and easy to use

Medium price – GRaco Mirage Travel System or Peg Perego Pliko P3 : Both excellent prams with different folding mechanisms.

Expensive – Bugaboo Cameleon : Read the review for this pram here

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