Newborn Care

Congratulations — you’re a new parent! The next few weeks will probably be the most hectic you’ve ever known. You’ll want learn about bonding with your baby. And when can he have his first bath? We help you to get breastfeeding off to a good start. Learn all about nappy-changing — there’ll be plenty more of that to come! You may even find yourself examining your baby’s poo!

Find out why your baby is crying, and how you can soothe him. And what if your baby seems under the weather? How can you tell if he needs to see a doctor? Don’t worry, we can guide you. We also have all you need to know about your newborn’s tests and checks. And what about you? Are you feeling stressed out with all your new responsibilities? Are you ready to let visitors hold your baby, or are you quite happy to hand him over. Whatever new parenthood throws at you, we’ve got the answers.

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