The 5 benefits of using a baby bassinette

A newborn baby can’t spend their entire time sleeping on Mom’s or Dad’s knee so it’s important to find the right baby bed so that you can confidently put her down and baby can enjoy a full and undisturbed night’s sleep. Baby bassinettes are a great alternative or addition to a cot and for a number of reasons, not least because they are more portable so they can be used in virtually any room of the house and at any time of the day offering you the opportunity to keep baby near by while she sleeps.

1 – Portable

Even those parents that are blessed with plenty of nursery space will not necessarily want to put baby down to sleep in a cot in their nursery all day every day. For the first few months many parents choose to have their baby sleep in the same room as them and a bassinette is a great choice because it is so light and portable that it can be moved into the bedroom at night and back out again in the morning if you wish.

2 – Compact

Those with scant spare space can also benefit from baby bassinettes. They are compact and minimalist in their design while proving comfortable and secure for baby. Whether room in the nursery is cramped or you want baby to sleep with you initially but don’t have much room, a bassinette is an ideal choice because it does not take up masses of room that can be used for something else. Because it is so portable it can even be moved when not being used.

3 – Safe

Safety is always important when shopping for items for your baby and while it may seem like you’re overdoing the whole safety aspect initially, it can’t really be stressed enough. Bassinettes can have padded sides and there’s no way that babies can roll out during the night. They are also designed especially so that baby can sleep next to you at night enabling you to keep a closer on her or be immediately on hand in case of emergencies.

4 – Inexpensive

Bassinettes are usually less expensive than cots which is a great benefit when you consider that it will only really be used for the first few months of baby’s life. If this is why you are buying a bassinette then look at the size and weight restrictions on the ones you are considering and you will be able to enjoy even more time from your bassinette delaying or even eliminating the need to fork out and buy a cot.

5 – Stylish

You may be a new Mum or new Dad but style is still important to you, and so it should be. Modern baby bassinettes come in a wide variety of different designs and a whole gamut of colors. You can buy additional bedding and pads for the model that you choose. This enables you to keep two or three bedding sets and to create a fun and enjoyable, as well as comfortable and functional, sleeping environment for your new baby.

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