10 essential items for your newborn’s room

There are a few basic pieces that you’ll need for a newborn. This goes beyond a simple crib and changing table. These products, from stores like Overstock.com and Fingerhut, provide more function and decoration to a nursery.

1. Storage

Storage can be problematic for a nursery. It’s an essential, but it can also stick out from the theme. Look for shelves in pastel colors that are close to your wall color. It can also draw out colors from the wallpaper. Another option is to go with unconventional storage solutions like a rotating bookcase or a step stool with a lift top.

2. Toy Boxes

A toy box should have safety features for kids. This can work within the theme if it has painted patterns. For a cowboy theme, you could try a cow print or horseshoe motif. Look for an upholstered top that can also work as a bench.

3. Shelves

Shelves work as display areas and also help keep more delicate items out of kids reach. For a contemporary look, find cube shelves. It can also be in the shape of an animal or baseball mitt for a themed room.

4. Diaper Disposal System

A diaper pail provides hygiene. These can even come with special inserts, so the pail can hold a certain amount of diapers.

5. Personalized Items

Even if you aren’t a crafter, you can give your nursery custom details. This can be as simple as creating your baby’s name by arranging wood letters on a shelf. Another option is to get a kit with spots for your baby’s handprint, footprint and photo included in a frame.

6. Rocking Chairs

There are a lot of different kinds of rocking chairs. You can also get matching ottomans with storage or gliding features. If you want a more modern version, go with an upholstered glider that just looks like a basic arm chair.

7. Cradle or Swing

A swing can provide a soothing swaying motion while a cradle adds vintage charm to the space. You can also find versions with lights and music for maximum interaction.

8. Mobile

A nursery mobile is a standard nursery decoration, but it can also work in a themed room. For a traditional space, look for safari animals or teddy bears. The song can coordinate with the overall look or just go for a more masculine vibe with soccer balls and baseball bats.

9. Baby Monitor

Monitors can include sound or video. There are mobile and flat screen versions available.

10. Crib Bedding

Crib bedding is comfortable and also adds color into your space. Look for a retro dot or leaf print for a gender neutral room. You can make a country theme more modern by going with a patchwork quilt in shades of brown, cream and white. You can also pick up matching window treatments for a cohesive design. A skirt under the crib gives more storage by hiding unsightly items. This also adds femininity with ruffles or lace for a girl’s room. A boy’s room can use a more tailored piece of fabric.

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