10 newborn clothing necessities

The newborn sizes usually range from zero to 12 months. You can find these products at stores such as The Children’s Place and Babies R Us. There may even be a special newborn section in the kids or baby categories.

1. Footed Pajamas

This type of pajama provides warmth and prevents the legs from riding up. It’s a classic in children’s wear so you can really embrace this concept. Go for a retro owl or daisy print, for example.

2. Overalls

Overalls can work for either gender. A girl’s version can have pleating details and oversized buttons.

3. Body Suits

A bodysuit is a basic everyday item. You can layer it with a simple cardigan or even try it under a skirt. Since this is such a staple find ways to make it different. Go for a pattern if you’re sticking with a basic pink color palette. It can also mimic a graphic t-shirt with humorous sayings. Another option for boys would be a polo style with the signature collar and row of buttons. You can also buy these items in packs with a coordinating theme or fabric.

4. Soft Outwear

This could be a hooded sweatshirt, cardigan, or entire coat depending on where you live. Shop for youthful-feeling items in animal prints, or look for more subtle ruffle details.

5. Dresses

Dresses for newborns should come in comfortable and durable fabrics. Look for a vintage inspired silhouette by going with a jumper. Another option would be a dress that mimics separates with a coordinating top and bottom that is all one piece.

6. Miniature Suits

This is more formal attire for a baby boy. Depending on the weather you can just get a vest, bow tie, and white shirt. You could also play around with the age and level of sophistication. Try a bodysuit with a tie appliqué for a whimsical look.

7. Replicas

The clothes for your child can replicate what you wear for a more adult look. This could be a layered t-shirt for cooler weather or a button-down variety. The color palette and patterns will give things a youthful look and keep it age appropriate. Newborn clothing also comes in a lot of different color palettes which will change up the feeling. This could be a muted brown, green, and orange for a retro-inspired vibe. The same colors that are popular for adults such as teal and gray often work for baby, too.

8. Elastic Waist Pants

An elastic waist provides comfort and functionality to newborn clothes. It makes the items easier to get on and off. This combines a variety of material from knits to denim. Make the look more adult with oversized cargo pockets for boys. Another option is to include patterns like plaids for more interest.

9. Leggings

Leggings are a trendy look for kids or adults. Marble prints will have a subtle pattern but a lot of different colors so that the piece coordinates with a lot of different tops.

10. Graphic Patterns

A lot of newborn clothing uses the same silhouettes and materials for functionality. Changing up the pattern can really make the entire outfit more contemporary. This could translate into a houndstooth print or lattice design.

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